Rev. Fr. Linus Maria Zucol S.J.

Rev. Fr. L. M. Zucol S.J., a loving father and the spiritual guide of Dinasevanasabha, expired on 6th January 2014 at Nirmala Hospital, Calicut at 11. 20 pm. His mortal body was brought to DSS Ashram Chapel on 7th January where the sisters, children and inmates of DSS Ashram paid homage to him. Rev. Fr. Lawrence Panckal, the Parish Priest, Pattuvam led the prayer service for the repose of his noble soul. Sr. Daniela, the Superior General of Dinasevanasabha, on behalf of DSS family offered the flower wreathe and paid homage to our loving father.

His funeral service was conducted on 8th Jan. at Mariapuram Parish. Most Rev. Dr. Varghese Chakalakal, the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Kannur officiated the ceremonies. Rev. Fr. Joseph Kallepalliyil, the Kerala Jesuit Provincial, Most Rev. Dr. Ivanious Mar Divaniusis, Bishop of the Diocese of Puthoor, many Priests and Religious from Kannur and Calicut diocese participated in the funeral rites. A large crowd from all religion including parishioners, neighbours and political leaders were gathered at the funeral service to have a last glimpse on our beloved father. His mortal body was entombed in the Mariapuram Chapel at 7 pm, where he was working as Parish Priest for 4 decades.

Rev. Fr. L. M. Zucol, the zealous missionary and the loving father of Malabar was considered as the ‘God for the Poor’ and a ‘living Gospel’. In 1963 he came to Pattuvam. When he was at Pattuvam, he extended his service to Pilathara, Pariyaram, Karakundu, Aripambara, Kannadiparamba etc. 1974 onwards he was working at Mariapuram.

Servant of God Mother Petra and Rev. Fr. L.M. Zucol are the two pillars of Dinasevanasabha. With a great desire to serve the poor, Mother Petra came to India and asked help from Fr. Zucol. At that time, he was prayerfully waiting for a sister to help in his services to the poor. So, he was very happy to welcome Sr. Petra and he gave 13 acres of land at Pattuvam to start a Congregation. Mother Petra thus started the Congregation of Dinasevanasabha on 1st June 1969. Fr. Zucol loved us as his own children. He guided us in our spiritual and apostolic journey through his timely directions and spiritual animation. When Mother Petra has gone for her eternal reward by leaving behind the 7year old Congregation, Fr. Zucol stayed with us as a loving father who consoled us, guided us and encouraged us to face the crisis. He always insisted us to save souls through our little services. He taught us how to live as a Dinadasi not only through his words but through his life. He helped us to start convents in his mission areas. He was a great gift to us and to all people. He attracted every one with his childlike innocence and cheerful smile. He never sent anyone with empty hands.

Fr. Zucol was a great missionary with a vision and deep conviction. He always correlated the Proclamation of the Kingdom of God and Social Work. He fulfilled the Spiritual, Material, Psychological and Economical needs of the poor. He did not keep anything for himself. He gave himself fully to the poor and lived in poverty like Jesus who born in the manger. He gave good shelter to thousands of people where as he lived in the poor house. He became bread to the hungry and home to the homeless. He liberated the people from their bondages and taught them to live in the freedom of God’s children. He taught them to work hard and find their lively hood and thus became a loving, caring and providing father for all. Fr. Zucol though has gone away from us, he lives in our hearts. We know that he cannot depart us, for; his spirit will be always with us to guide us, to intercede for us in heaven with our beloved Mother Petra and all the saints and angels.

May his soul rest in peace.