General Administration Team 1983-1989

General Administration Team 1983-1989
Superior General
Mother Willigard Deenasevika

Mother Willigard was born as the third Child of Mr. Wilhel and Mrs. Maria on 26th May 1933 in Polsun, near Muenster, Germany. She was named as Anna Klutz and was brought up as pious Catholic. She did her Schooling, in the nearby town. In 1951 She Completed her nursing studies at Marian Hospital, Bonn. In 1952 she joined the Congregation of Franciscans of Perpetual Adoration, Olpe, in Germany. On 15th October 1955 she made her first Religious profession and became a Franciscan. She Completed her studies in Tutor Nursing Cum Hospital Administration in Cologne, with flying colors. She made her Final Profession 0n 15th October 1960.

The Second phase of her life begins with her acquaintance and friendship with Mother Petra, dating back from 1956. This friend ship continued to grow and flourished even when Mother Petra became a Missionary in India and eventually the Foundress of Dinasevanasabha. Following the path of Mother Petra, with an inner urge and call to serve the poor, Mother Willigard decided to join the Community of Dinasevanasabha.

Thus, on 5th January 1975 Mother Willigard arrived in India with the fulfillment of having realized her long cherished dreams to become a Missionary. On 8th January 1975 she made her final profession in Dinasevanasabha.

After the death of Mother Petra, God had His own plan for Mother Willigard. She was called and set apart to lead, guide and govern the new born Congregation after the death of the Foundress Mother Petra, giving a new direction, vitality and new orientation for the future. For the next 13 years, ie. 1976-1989 she led the Congregation to its heights of its growth. She became the rescuer of the sinking ship, the newly formed Congregation, Dinasevanasabha.

During the 13 years of service as superior general, her priorities were to build up the DSS, as a religious Community within its Charism, Spirituality and way of life and Apostolate. She emphasized the need of a qualitative religious formation, solid foundation in formation, spirituality, Community life Apostolate and Financial stability. She found time and energy for expansion, consolidation and conscientiazation of DSS presence in the numerous diocese of the Church in India.

In 1989 she shifted her residence from Pattuvam to Petranilaya Convent at Bangalore. She went down to the streets and quarries of the surrounding regions of the little hamlet of the village Kannur, Bangalore. She picked up the unwanted kids and Infants, and started nursery school for them, provided educational help for numerous poor Children and built homes and shelters for much poor family. It was one of her dreams to open a home for the unwanted HIV infected and affected Children and Ladies. On 23rd March 2001, The Infant Jesus Childrenís Home and a house of Mercy for Ladies were blessed and Inaugurated in Kothannur, Bangalore.

The German Govt. recognized her humanitarian services and honored her with an award of the 'Order of Merit' in the year 2007.

Towards the evening of her life she became a sacrificial victim for the Lord. To the surprise of many, the Lord gave a thorn in her flesh, namely the deadly Cancer. She accepted it in good faith and in the spirit of consecrated life and breathed her last on 6th May 2010.

Mother Willigard : Superior General

Sr. Berthalomia : Assistant Superior General

Sr. Jamuna : Councilor

Sr. Holda :Councilor & Secretary General

Sr. Dayarani : Councilor

Sr. Sudaya : Procurator