General Administration Team 2012-2018

Superior General
Sr. Daniela DSS

Sr. Daniela was elected as the 7th Superior General of the Congregation of Dinasevanasabha on 6th October 2012 in the 6th General Chapter. This is the Second time that she was elected as the Superior General.

General Team
Sr.Alfredina DSS,Sr.Vandana DSS,Sr.Prabha DSS,Sr.Daniela DSS,Sr.Paulina DSS,Sr.Philomina DSS,Sr.Anila DSS

Sr. Daniela DSS : Superior General

Sr. Vandana DSS : Assistant Superior General

Sr. Paulina DSS : Councilor

Sr. Prabha DSS : Councilor

Sr. Philomina DSS : Councilor, Financial Administrator

Sr. Alfredina DSS : Auditor General

Sr. Anila DSS : Secretary General